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Message from the CEO

SiloSmashers propels organizations to breaks through barriers to achieve top efficiency.

SiloSmashers_About_01Welcome to SiloSmashers, a consultancy that breaks the internal barriers that hold back organizations. From day 1, we set out to change how government agencies and corporations manage programs — and smash silo operations.  Working in silos creates isolation and obstacles to effective communication and collaboration across agencies and departments, reducing efficiency and hampering progress. SiloSmashers offers innovative solutions that propel our clients to reach top efficiency using our highly valued Peak Performance® methodology.

SiloSmashers takes its advisory role seriously, working independently of any vendor or proprietary technology. We strive to supply the best solution for our customers and ensuring the greatest value from their investment, so they achieve Peak Performance®. Let SiloSmashers show you how.

All my best to you,

Angela Drummond, Founder & CEO


We are thought leaders who drive Peak Performance® in corporations and government by providing forward-thinking, innovative, measurable, and sustainable solutions.  

We live our core values daily, recognize the contributions and accomplishments of our employees, and promote professional excellence in all of our endeavors.


SiloSmashers will forever change the way business is done.  We will be a leading and trusted strategy and technology consultancy providing thought leadership, a high-caliber professional staff, and the delivery of Peak Performance® solutions to government and corporations.

Core Values

Core values are the lifeblood of our company.  These values are a set of beliefs that cannot be compromised as they are reflected in the everyday lives of employees.


“SiloSmashers has gone above and beyond the tasks assigned to them so that the Information Assurance’s mission of creating a secure environment is not only achieved, but also maintained”

“…immediately struck me as being intelligent, concerned about details, energetic, focused on results, and as a team player.”

“You are evidence of what federal government can achieve when agencies work together as a team.”

“The entire experience with your company has been like no other. Your team is amazing – they are true professionals…”

“…performed their duties in a competent and professional manner that exceeded all expectations…”

“Your continued support of the program has provided invaluable continuity during periods of staffing and organizational changes.”

“…first rate and reflective of the type of superior support that SiloSmashers has consistently provided…”

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