Message from the CEO

Angela Drummond-1042Welcome to SiloSmashers, an economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses (EDWOSB). We invite you to explore our website and learn how we are leveraging our highly-valued, Peak Performance® methodology with government clients, to transform departments, agencies, and programs, to achieve optimized operational efficiency.

Peak Performance® solutions are increasingly recognized as mission-critical for transformation. Forward-looking managers use these solutions to align every facet of their operations to deliver unprecedented performance and business value from their strategic plans.

Peak Performance® provides the model that tomorrow’s most successful government agencies and departments will follow—whether they work collaboratively across departments, with other agencies, up and down State and local levels, or among locations nationwide or around the globe.

SiloSmashers helps you apply this model today, providing the collaborative strategies, trusted advice, and management and IT solutions needed to—realign and reinvent—your organization for Peak Performance®. We help you achieve significant increases in business value today, while optimizing the ability to achieve long-term goals and results.

A Trusted Advisor to Lead the Way

Some managers might say that the best organizations have always made optimizing performance a priority. That’s true in part. The difference now is that Peak Performance® has become a critical must-have—with best practices and tools for strategy, planning, implementation, training and management—all guided by a skilled and trusted advisor.

SiloSmashers takes its advisory role seriously, working independently of any vendor or proprietary technology.  As Peak Performance Partners®, we focus on supplying the best solution for each customer’s requirements and ensuring the greatest value from their investment.

Finding the Opportunity in Every Challenge

There are new challenges facing Government today. With dramatic cost-cuts and a renewed focus on performance, mission support, and ROI; the Federal Government needs the services of companies they can trust to advise and lead them through a paradigm shift from how they have managed operations in the past, to how they can optimize operational efficiency going forward. The challenges they face are difficult. But each one of them is also a milestone on a journey to fulfilling their mission.

Whether the problem is cost control, workforce needs, accountability, sustainability, or any other issues, they typically represent opportunities. Seen from this angle, any one of them can be the launching pad for achieving Peak Performance®.  Let SiloSmashers show you how!

Angela Drummond, Founder & CEO