FEMA Supply Chain Management

FEMA's Logistics Supply Chain Management System



Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) need to implement a comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end supply chain management capability that delivered life-sustaining commodities, including commodity tracking. The Logistics Supply Chain Management System (LSCMS) was established to support the need and fulfill Recommendation No.38 from the President’s Report on Hurricane Katrina, Homeland security Presidential Directive 5: National Incident Management, and the DHS goal of building a nimble emergency response system. FEMA’s goal was to improve speed, performance, and accountability of receipt, inventory, deployment, and distribution of disaster commodities and assets, enabling FEMA to support and sustain efficient and effective responses to multiple, geographically dispersed disasters. Because SiloSmashers is a recognized industry leader, with vast experience and expertise,  in providing superior services and support in the areas of Program and project management, FEMA turned to SiloSmashers to establish a Program Management Office to manage operations.


  • Defined and documented program scope, mission, vision, and goals
  • Designed and implemented a stakeholder governance structure to establish, develop, and manage relationships, agreements, and contracts
  • Provided capital planning, workforce planning, and organization change management consulting services
  • Provided subject matter expertise for training—oversight for generation of courses and materials and coordination of training schedules and logistics for 550 FEMA staff trained annually
  • Initiated project team and project management processes
  • Developed and executed communications plans for internal/external stakeholders
  • Established an Executive Steering Committee comprised of key stakeholders responsible for tracking, monitoring and reporting cost, schedule, risk, and performance status
  • Established and performed budget, spend plan and financial management and reporting
  • Developed solicitation packages and performed contract management oversight


SiloSmashers enabled FEMA to sharpen its post-Katrina operational effectiveness, achieve more rapid responses to emergencies and disasters, and to improve tracking of DHS assets to ensure that they are properly accounted for, staged, and managed for quick distribution to disaster victims in response to a national emergency requiring FEMA’s support.

Additional Client Benefits

  • Increased program visibility and interaction with stakeholders to improve support for funding
  • Created a training and outreach video to support the program and promote  user “buy-in” which received accolades across FEMA
  • Received recognition for assisting FEMA Office of Business Management in achieving a Program Maturity Assessment approval (based on PMI OPM3) of ADE-1 Acquisition Review Process gate
  • Recognized for assisting Office of Business Management in completing the Program Review with OMB to obtain approval for FY09 development funding

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