United States Air Force

Personnel Recovery Performance - Exercise Angel Thunder



USAF Personnel Recovery (PR) competes with four other USAF Service Core Functions for training and long term investments. Alignment of PR strategic, operational and tactical objectives were not contributing to an agile strategy to improve performance and mission effectiveness. A rigorous performance management plan was built to identify gaps and Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel and Facilities (DOTMLPF) solutions.


  • Designed and executed an assessment process to identify mission critical gaps.
  • Paired quantitative measures with qualitative Lessons Learned observations to verify gaps.
  • Set readiness improvement targets across the 563 RQG for all three weapon systems: HH-60 (Pave Hawk); HC-130P/N & HC-130J (King & Combat King II); Guardian Angel [Combat Rescue Officers (CROs), Pararescuemen (PJs), Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Specialists].
  • Collaborated  with PR Subject Matter Experts to complete a root cause analysis for the mission critical gaps.
  • Identified DOTMLPF countermeasures, prioritizing based on desired effects and level of effort to implement.
  • Implemented countermeasures and measured performance to ensure positive effects were achieved.


PR now has a performance management system to provide data-based decision making, adding precision and accuracy to adapt strategy, operations and tactics and contribute to critical investment and divestment decisions. PR forces are best postured to sustain readiness over the long term, regardless of the fiscal environment. They are now backed by a disciplined analysis of quantitative and qualitative cause and effect relationships to balance daily operating costs with long term investment strategies.

Additional Client Benefits

  • Identified the “critical few” priorities for the entire PR community to focus efforts.
  • Provided 95% non materiel solutions for PR to focus efforts.

563 RQG Combat Mission Ready Status improved:

  • Pave Hawk pilots – from 31% to 91%;
  • Guardian Angel Weapon System – from 15% to 84%
  • 82% improvement in process discipline for PR forces at Exercise Angel Thunder
  • 56% improvement in expediting critical mission information to PR forces

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