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The EPA established a seven-vendor BPA to provide support under the Information Technology Services (ITS)-EPA II contract, replacing a previous one-vendor contract While the EPA gained significant benefits, they also assumed the challenge and risk of managing multiple vendors, deliverables, and invoices with multiple Task Order Contracting Officers Representatives spread over three divisions. This creating significant difficulties in achieving a big picture view of IT performance, risk, trends, and financial information.


  • SiloSmashers designed a Business Intelligence workflow and reporting solution with a graphical dashboard display capability known as STAR – Service Tracking and Reporting.
  • Deliverables are tracked and approved using a deliverables workflow tool that also provides automated submission notifications, late submission escalation processes, graphical progress charts, overdue notifications, and archival storage capabilities.
  • Standardized invoice submission workflows were created with sub-task and labor delineations for ease of tracking expenditures and time frames .
  • Daily service outage reports, with associated notifications, were created to keep upper level management instantly informed of current issues and potential problems.
  • Information technology change management performance reports and dashboard displays were created giving managers and upper level management insight into IT change performance and risk exposure.


EPA IT management personnel, Task Order Managers, and Service Managers now have instant information into vendor, financial, and IT change performance, as well as  trends and risk exposure. Alert notifications for deliverable due date and overdue status are automated, providing government managers as well as vendors near real time insight. IT issues and challenges are promulgated throughout the organization, giving management increased awareness, oversight and proactive problem solving data.

Client Benefits

  • Up to date “Big Picture” and detailed deliverable, risk, trends, and financial performance information is instantly available to EPA IT staff.
  • Vendors and managers have standardized, automated workflows for deliverables and invoices.
  • Managers receive daily reports and dashboard displays giving them instant access to trends, issues and performance statistics.
  • Vendor deliverable performance increased by upwards of 50%.
  • IT change management risk exposure is reduced by enabling daily views of emergency and expedited changes.

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