Peak Performance

The current political climate, a growing threat of cyber-terrorism, an increasing budget deficit, and a renewed focus on performance, mission support, and ROI, are all major challenges forcing dramatic cost-cutting measures in government today.  No longer is government willing to spend billions of dollars, on multi-year projects, and get the same level of service, only to discover in the end, that the projects fail to meet mission requirements and have to be extended or even started over.

Reacting to  the  increased demand for better and more efficient services, and the desire for spending reform, the Federal Government needs the services of companies they can trust to advise and lead them through a paradigm shift from how they have managed operations in the past, to how they can optimize operational efficiency going forward enabling them to:

  • Streamline operations,
  • Reduce  costs,
  • Increase productivity, and
  • Deliver sustainable solutions.

SiloSmashers has been helping government clients to realize “optimized operation efficiency” for many years. We call it Peak Performance®!

SiloSmashers was born out of the recognition that government agencies and departments manage programs using a silo-centric approach. Working in silos creates unwanted and unnecessary barriers to effective communication and collaboration across these agencies and departments, thereby diminishing operation efficiency and contributing to a failed mission.

Angela Drummond, founder and CEO of SiloSmashers, had a vision to help the Federal Government transform to an enterprise-centric management paradigm. She created, authored, and led the development of SiloSmashers’ highly-valued Peak Performance® methodology for program and project management. Peak Performance is a unique approach to breaking down organizational silos and establishing an innovative, collaborative work environment that delivers successful programs, aligned with mission requirements.  Ms. Drummond describes the value of Peak Performance as “the critical driver of mission success … efficiency and cost control … quality management … enterprise transformation … global competitiveness … sustainability … and effective navigation of change.”


Peak Performance Partners®

SiloSmashers Breaks through organizational silos to enable effective communications and collaboration and ensure mission success. But, SiloSmashers also brings another kind of value to clients—Trust. Clients trust the excellence of our work, the integrity of our people, and the commitment we give to nurturing a strong, productive business partnership.

Values such as these have enabled SiloSmashers to build a highly-respected team of expert strategists and experienced management professionals, drawn from the ranks of government and business, and empowered to deliver the very best services and solutions to our clients. Serving as a trusted partner, and change facilitator, we help clients to manage, guide, direct and challenge old assumptions while charting new program directions to attain Peak Performance.

As a vital part of our service delivery, we create permanent processes and tools that enable government clients to effectively and efficiently operate, and maintain transparency, accountability, and sustainability!